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Measuring Medication Adherence: Exploring Issues and Better Solutions

Discover the challenges in accurately measuring medication adherence and explore innovative solutions for improved patient care. Learn how technology-enabled packaging, such as NFC-enabled blister packs and Electronic Adherence Cards, is revolutionizing adherence measurement in the pharmacy and healthcare industry.

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Transforming Medication Management: the Low-Cost Solution to Improve Health Outcomes for At-Risk Patients

Medication adherence packaging, also known as blister packs, have been widely used in pharmacies across the world as an effective and low-cost way of improving medication adherence – especially for at-risk patient groups such as seniors at home, patients starting maintenance medications, or those living with cognitive decline, visual impairment or language barriers.

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The Future of Unit-Dose Blister Pack Design

Pharmacies rely on smooth workflows to provide efficient patient care. Automation can help, but using the wrong blister packs in an automation environment can cause bottlenecks. Discover the 4 essential features of unit-dose blister packs designed for automation.

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