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Over a century of partnership across healthcare sectors means we can take your custom packaging from concept to consumer while putting regulatory compliance and consumer well-being first.

Our packaging platform stays ahead of the curve, with a series of “market-first” developments over our history. Today, whether it’s creating solutions that support new regulatory requirements like Health Canada’s Plain Language Labelling regulations, or finding new ways to advance wellness through intelligent, connected packaging, we’re committed to packaging the future of healthcare.

Integrated Packaging Offerings

We approach every project as an opportunity to provide client-specific packaging solutions across our business units. Discover more on our product and service offering below.

Pharmacy & Medication Adherence

We offer pharmacists across the world a complete range of proven medication adherence packaging and complementary products to improve health outcomes. We also offer a suite of medication dispensing products for Canadian customers including vials, labels, bags, bottles, jars and more.

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Folding Cartons

We support folding carton structure and design ideation through to finished product with a wide range of colour, structure, substrate, ink and finish capabilities.

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Pressure Sensitive Labels

As the first label converter in Canada to adopt 100% video inspection for inline finishing, we are a quality leader in pressure sensitive label production — from durable labels to specialty finish applications.

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Blister Packaging Services

Our fully integrated two-lane Uhlmann blister line is capable of multi-product blisters and multi-product cartons, with an entire range of forming and lidding films, as well as a serialization solution.

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Bottle Packaging Services

Our new Uhlmann integrated bottle line is equipped with track-and-trace technology to ensure numerous dosage forms are packaged with efficiency and precision while adhering to rigorous cGMP and regulatory standards.

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Vial Packaging Services

If you need to gain traction in the growing travel-friendly packaging market, plastic convenience vials — also known as travel vials or purse packs — offer a unique differentiated packaging option.

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Pouch Packaging Services

Whether it’s a sample size or a unit-dose dispensing option, pouches put your brand front and centre with consumers with many options for both trade and the fast-growing sample and convenience markets.

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Serialization Services

Our serialization and anti-counterfeiting technology for packaging includes an internationally recognized system for unparalleled digital data management, visibility, and product security to ensure an effective and compliant supply chain for our customers.

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A Reputation of Outstanding Quality

By adhering to strict production and quality control standards and protocols, we ensure results that meet and exceed your expectations to protect your product, your brand and your reputation.

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At Jones, we embrace our responsibility for the impact of our activities on the environment, staff, communities, consumers and all of our stakeholders. By reducing energy and material use and optimizing recyclability, we have won industry accolades. More importantly, we have won consumer respect for our clients.

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