Folding Cartons

With over a century of knowledge and technical expertise creating folding cartons and paperboard boxes with a variety of specialty finishes, we make things simple for global healthcare and wellness companies.

We provide ideation, graphic and structural packaging design through to finished product. This includes a range of substrate options and advanced print, die-cutting and specialty finish capabilities. Our flexibility offers customers production efficiency and endless creative possibilities from smaller marketing trial runs to high-volume production.

Jones has consistently played a leadership role bringing new packaging innovations to our pharmaceutical, over-the-counter, nutraceutical and personal care brand customers. Beyond staying at the forefront of their evolving legislative requirements, we provide expertise in connected, intelligent packaging, complex folding carton design and materials science to deliver high-quality solutions quickly.

As an independent converter, we have access to a wide range of substrates to help meet your structural design, commercial and sustainability goals.


Folding Carton Capabilities

  • Single-colour to multi-colour with specialty finishes and coatings.
  • Sheet-fed lithography printing – conventional, U.V. and hybrid.
  • Variety of inks, including extended gamut printing, neon and metallic, inks, and low-migration
  • Simple structures to elaborate displays and complex multi-panel cartons.
  • Variety of folding carton substrates, including certifications that demonstrate responsible forest management

Specialty Folding Carton Types

Our advanced structural design capabilities and connected packaging offering solve complex packaging issues for our customers.

Multi-Panel Folding Cartons

We offer complex multi-panel folding cartons to accommodate more information on outer packaging while maintaining the same overall footprint.

Tamper-Evident Folding Cartons

Using tear-strips and perforations, these cartons clearly indicate when a consumer has opened them to promote security.

Blister Card Backers

A blister card uses the combination of a plastic blister glued to a backer, providing consumers with a full view of the protected product.

NFC Folding Cartons

By embedding Near-Field Communication technology into cartons, consumers can tap smartphones to packaging to connect to an endless range of consumer engagement applications.

Windowed Folding Cartons

Using a range of plastic films, windowed cartons let consumers see the product inside, while adding unique packaging design elements.

Folding Carton Specialty Finishes and Coatings

We offer a range of specialty finishes and coatings to make brands stand out.

Braille Embossing

A recognizable alternative to printed text using patterns of raised dots, braille printing or embossing creates accessible packaging.

Micro-Text and Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

From embedding anti-counterfeiting tags to using micro-text and security varnishes, folding cartons can be equipped with a range of security features.

Registered Embossing

Raised or embossed surfaces can provide tactile applications, or enhance design and contrast.

Hot Foil Stamping

Introduced over a variety of colours and sheens, foil can be applied in any pattern to provide dazzle where it’s needed most.

UV High Gloss Coating

Gloss coatings can be applied overall or in spot contrast applications to highlight folding carton design elements.

UV Matte Coating

Used to achieve an overall matte effect with strong scuff resistance.

Cast and Cure

Involves micro-embossing using patterned film to create an iridescent effect.

Aqueous Gloss Coating

A lower-cost alternative to UV high-gloss coatings, offering a semi-gloss effect.

Aqueous Matte Coating

A lower-cost alternative to UV matte coatings.

Foil Paperboard

Offers a metallic-like appearance.

QR Codes

Capabilities for printing and type of code, including QR.

Soft Touch Coating

A matte coating that looks and feels like velvet.

Blister Coating

Applied to blister card backers, this coating adheres plastic blisters to card backers with the application of heat.

Folding Carton Services

Product Launch Support

We generate over 1,000 new packaging designs a year and support up to 20 product launches a month.

Vendor-Managed Inventory

70% of customers use our vendor-managed inventory services to improve the efficacy of their supply chain.

Delivery and Quality Assurance

We deliver hundreds of millions of printed components each year, with over 99% right the first time and market-leading quality control.

Folding Cartons Line Consultation

From iterative line trial support to collaboration on new equipment design and validation, we serve as packaging consultants for our clients to ensure seamless performance of folding cartons on their filling lines.

Integrated Folding Carton Design and Packaging Services

Our box packaging design services are complete with ideation, graphic design and structural development, including scientific colour management and design engineering to solve complex issues for our clients. And, our integrated filling services ensure speed to market.

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