Consumer Goods & Specialty 

With over a century serving healthcare and wellness markets, we have the protocols, certifications, experience and expertise to accommodate a wide range of regulated packaging requirements for consumer goods & specialty. Our speciality packaging services include those for food and nutrition, confectionery, spirit, beverage and industrial products.

Connected Packaging

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, packaging has evolved to become a two-way connected platform that builds real-time, digital bridges to share information, nurture relationships and deliver insights like never before. From embedded Near-Field Communication (NFC) tags to transmitting printed electronics, our range of packaging technologies connect to the Internet creating near-limitless possibilities.

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Health Canada Plain Language Labelling Packaging Support

We provide packaging solutions that help brands and manufacturers adhere to Health Canada’s Plain Language Labelling (PLL) regulations. From complex multi-panel cartons to multi-ply labels, our customers take advantage of our full-service PLL PackReady™ platform to launch high-quality, compliant products to market quickly while minimizing supply chain impacts.

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Quality & Certifications

Our GMP quality system meets the strict regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industry. This includes a Cartons & Labels site that is Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified, and a Packaging Services site that is Health Canada and FDA approved with HACCP certification. This means we can manufacture packaging for both DIN-registered and standard products under GMP control based on specific product requirements.

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