Our History

The Jones Healthcare Group was founded in 1882 in health and wellness. Then, we focused on apothecary packaging for pharmacists to deliver medication safely to patients and throughout our years, we’ve been proud to introduce a series of “market firsts.”

Today, helping people live longer, healthier lives remains our purpose. Led by the fourth generation of the Jones family, we continue to build progressive platforms that take packaging to the next level and exceed customer expectations with a focus on what matters most – improving consumer well-being.

Henry Jones


Founders Henry Jones and Frank Lawson create Lawson & Jones Incorporated

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Pre-gummed labels


Imported stock from England to introduce the first pre-gummed labels to Canada—a precursor to today’s sophisticated pressure sensitive labels

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First litho press in Canada


Imported from Buffalo, New York the first litho press in Canada west of Toronto

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First mechanical carton folder


Imported from Europe the first mechanical carton folder in Canada

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Jones Box and Label


Henry Jones establishes Jones Box and Label to focus on pharmaceutical market

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1930- 1940

Evolution and market consolidation.

Building client foundation and expanding offering to include over-the counter and front-store pharmacy products

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Child safety vial


Introduced first child safety vial to the Canadian pharmacy market

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Adherence card


Co-developed a blister card designed for multi-med regimes—the adherence card is born

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Full body shrink sleeves


Broadened flexo printing to include full body shrink sleeves

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First dual web laser prescription label


Designed first dual web laser prescription label for Canadian market

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Jones Packaging Inc.


Became Jones Packaging Inc.

Ron Harris and Christine Jones Harris purchase the company from balance of the family

First folding carton converter to certify to ISO 9001 in Canada

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New head office, printing and converting facility


New head office, printing and converting facility

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100% video inspection


First label converter in Canada to adopt 100% video inspection for in-line finishing

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Acquisition of Venalink
Venalink logo


Acquisition of European adherence packaging leader Venalink, based in the U.K. and Spain

First Canadian carton converter to certify to ISO 14001:2004

Named Canadian International Packaging Group member

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Member of PharmaPact


First and only North American member of Europe-based PharmaPact

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Acquisition of Ivers-Lee


Acquisition of contract packaging leader, Ivers-Lee

First North American packaging converter to hold sustainability conference

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Komori press


First in the world to acquire a uniquely configured, advanced 13-station, nine colour Komori press

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Corporate realiJoined Canada’s National Research Council Printable Electronics Program and Consortium


Corporate realignment with three areas of business focus: Printed Packaging, Contract Packaging and Healthcare

Joined Canada’s National Research Council Printable Electronics Program and Consortium as a Tier 1 partner to develop printing technologies for intelligent, monitored medication adherence packaging

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Contract packaging services facility


New state-of-the-art contract packaging services facility opens its doors

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Vial filling


Convenience vial filling is added to packaging services offering

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Dual-sensing Thinfilm


First to successfully integrate and verify dual-sensing Thinfilm NFC OpenSense™ tags for folding cartons on high-speed production lines

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Largest high-speed run


Produced the largest high-speed run of NFC-integrated folding cartons at 60,000 units

Launched first-ever patient trial program using multi-medication, monitored adherence packaging systems in the U.K.

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The Pharmacy Store
Resealable multi-panel cartons


First carton converter to develop resealable multi-panel cartons proven against critical-to-quality parameters for pharmaceutical customers in response to Health Canada’s Plain Language Labelling regulations

Launched a first-of-its-kind online ordering platform for pharmacy medication dispensing products, the Pharmacy Store

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Became Jones Healthcare Group
Bottling Machine


Became Jones Healthcare Group, aligning market focus with the company’s strong roots in healthcare and go-forward vision centred on wellness

Launched $30 million equipment investment plan to strengthen operations

Installed a fully integrated Uhlmann bottle line and two-lane blister packaging line, custom-built Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 eight-colour carton press and custom-built Aquaflex LX 2350 label press

Acquired UK-based MEDI-Clear® Medication Management Solutions

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Bio-PET Medication Adherence Packaging


First to launch medication adherence packaging made with eco-friendly Bio-PET, a fully recyclable bio-based plastic manufactured using sugar waste

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Sustainable Medicines Partnership
Gallus Labelmaster


Joined the Sustainable Medicines Partnership as a Founding Collaborator to reduce medicine-related waste

Installed a Gallus Labelmaster 440 to expand complex pressure sensitive label (prime label) capacity

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Jones Healthcare team beside newly installed NOVACUT 106 ER


Installed a Bobst Novacut 106 ER die-cutter to expand complex folding carton capacity and two Romaco/Siebler HM1-350 pouch machines to increase solid-dose pouching capacity

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