Sustainability Report

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Our annual Corporate Sustainability Report shows Jones Healthcare Group’s progress in three key areas:

  • Climate
  • Social Capital
  • Business Model & Innovation
Access Our 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report
In our 2021 report, we share our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2030, with a 6% reduction so far.

The report also highlights several initiatives that not only demonstrate progress toward United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, but also create value for all of our stakeholders. For example:

  • Waste diverting 87% of non-hazardous waste from landfills in 2021.
  • Energy achieving 100% renewable electricity at one of our manufacturing facilities.
  • Product lifecycle – launching a series of new medication adherence products using widely recyclable PET plastic made from sugar waste.
  • Research and development a study confirmed our CpaX™ connected medication adherence system makes positive impacts for older adults with chronic conditions. These findings support existing literature describing the positive impact of medication adherence on health outcomes, while reducing medication waste and costs to healthcare systems.
  • Supply chain – protecting essential packaging supply to enable pharmaceutical, nutrition and pharmacy product distribution through the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Diversity recognition as a woman-owned business making significant impacts in healthcare supply chain with a WEConnect International Rise to the Challenge Sector Award.

Jones Healthcare Group is a world-class provider of advanced packaging and medication dispensing solutions. We build sustainability into all of our practices – from procurement and product development to supporting our global communities and building an organization where our people thrive.

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