Our pouch packaging services are a part of our full-service offering that helps you focus on your business.

Whether it’s a sample size or a unit-dose dispensing option, pouches put your brand front and centre with consumers. Pouch packaging offers many options for both trade and the fast-growing sample and convenience markets. At Jones, we specialize in time-sensitive sampling and over-the-counter product launch programs.

Our pouching services are provided by a dedicated Packaging Services business unit.

Our Pouching Capabilities

  • Standard rectangular/square layouts, custom 360° degree die-cut designs, single, dual, triple or quad product samples, magazine pouch packaging and child-resistant layouts
  • Liquids, creams, tablets, gel caps and granular powders
  • Analysis of your requirements and product/material compatibility consultation
  • In-house tool and die design for custom packaging requirements and extensive inventory of tooling for standard pouch sizes

Our Services


With 98% on-time and in-full delivery, we can manage immediate demand fluctuations of up to 33%.

Flexible Capacity

Our range of equipment and duplicate assets allow us to fast-track changes, from a 28-SKU product line redesign in two months to a new sampling program in four weeks.

Integrated Packaging and Design

Our packaging platform is complete with ideation, graphic design and structural development for cartons and labels, primary and secondary packaging services and packaging line consultation to ensure speed to market.

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