With full compliance to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), our serialization and anti-counterfeiting technology includes an internationally recognized system for unparalleled digital data management, visibility, and product security to ensure an effective and compliant supply chain for our customers.

Our traceability capability allows for product verification, history tracing, location identification and status of individual products—regardless of where they are in the supply chain network—while serialization and aggregation flows through systematic product identification, tracking, data acquisition
and connectivity.

What’s more, this technology platform is in addition to our existing packaging capabilities including blistering, bottling, pouching, consumer vial filling and kitting.

Working with your team, we ensure your supply chain needs are met by subject matter experts, and managed through a seamless business integration process and unsurpassed level of customer service.


  • Flexible and adaptable technology to meet customer needs
  • Complete supply chain visibility and transparency via an audit trail reporting system
  • Proven and fully integrated serialization and aggregation capabilities meeting DSCSA requirements

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With greater than 98% on-time and in-full delivery, we can manage demand fluctuations. Let us show you why our customers have trusted us for over 100 years.

Flexible Capacity

Our range of equipment and assets allow us to fast-track changes, from a 28-SKU product line redesign in two months to a new sampling program in four weeks.

Integrated Packaging and Design

Our packaging platform is complete with ideation, graphic design, intelligent packaging capability and structural development for cartons and labels, as well as primary and secondary packaging services to ensure speed to market.

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