Packaging the future of healthcare is more than just our tagline. At Jones we’re always looking to bring better packaging solutions to the healthcare industry. We’ve invested over $24 million upgrading our manufacturing equipment since 2020.

We recently commissioned an Uhlmann B1440 blister line with an extended fill section, to accommodate multiple SimTap feeders and two blister lanes. SimTap high-performance feeders allow us to package a variety of tablet and capsule shapes and sizes on one blister line. Capable of packaging 500 blisters per minute, the B1440 optimizes our production of multi-product blister packaging. This strategic capital investment provides us with newfound capacity to meet the growing needs of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical clients long term.

Our production capacity and overall efficiency have significantly increased with the addition of top-of-the-line Uhlmann technologies.

Solving Our Customer Needs

We package the future of healthcare by investing in cutting-edge technology. Investing in innovative machinery ensures we can provide the best packaging solutions for our customers – no matter how complex. Companies looking to simplify complex dosing regimens need to look no further. Whether it’s day and night formula, birth control, or varying dosage strengths in one box, we can package it.

The Uhlmann two-lane blister line streamlines how we fulfill multi-product blister packaging. We’ve upgraded from sequentially batch producing single product blisters to filling multiple blister sheets simultaneously. As a result, we’ve improved operational efficiency, reduced production costs for our clients, and enhanced user experience for the consumer or patient.

Over-the-counter cold and respiratory products surge in demand during flu season, but we’re prepared. Upgrading our manufacturing equipment ensures we can continue to reliably package these products during unpredictable times.

Advancing the flexibility and agility of our technological capabilities helps us develop better solutions for our customers. Our blister packaging services backed by new state-of-the-art equipment offer companies additional ways to address:

  • dosing compliance
  • medication adherence
  • user experience
  • brand differentiation
  • shelf-space considerations
  • new product introductions
Capital Investment Uhlmann B1440 Blister Line

Capital Investment Uhlmann B1440 Blister Line in our Brampton Packaging Services facility.

In addition to suppliers saving retail shelf space and maximizing efficiency, multi-product blisters make packaging more accessible and convenient for consumers and patients. Preferred by consumers for their more sustainable, convenient size, their demand is ever-increasing. Each year we produce over 150 million blisters at our packaging services facility. New equipment enables us to meet growing demands, helping more consumers and patients access the products they need.

At Jones we offer a unique vertical integration with everything from initial design to commercial packaging available in-house. The Uhlmann blister line is one more addition enhancing our offerings, making working with Jones that much more worthwhile.

Learn more about our new investments in this previous blog by Canadian Packaging. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog featuring our new Uhlmann bottling line.