Jones recognizes and embraces our responsibility for the impact of our activities on the environment, team members, communities and consumers – and we’re committed to continuous improvement in sustainable packaging and development while creating value for all of our stakeholders.

Not only do we build sustainability into our own practices through environmental impact, health and safety, diversity and corporate social responsibility programs, but we also choose to work with suppliers who have a demonstrated commitment to sustainable packaging.

Review our Corporate Sustainability Policy.

Sustainable Development Goals

We are proud to contribute to a number of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations to transform our world, as listed below.

Of note, we are ranked at the silver-medal level by EcoVadis for our advanced sustainability and corporate social responsibility practices, which touch many of these United Nations goals. This ranking puts us in the top 20% best companies rated by EcoVadis in 2021.

Good Health and Well-Being

We advance health and well-being through progressive packaging platforms.

We continue to innovate and produce packaging and services for healthcare, wellness and nutrition markets that protect product integrity and help consumers make informed decisions about products.

Our purpose is underpinned by helping our customers put consumer wellness first.

Gender Equality

We believe in gender equality, including empowering women in the workplace and in leadership roles within our organization.

Our total workforce is comprised of 45% women, while our leadership is comprised of 31% women.

We also hold a Women Owned Business certification from WEConnect International.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

We offer a comprehensive preventive healthcare package for employees and their eligible dependents, including access to mental health and life counselling support.

We are also OHSAS 180001 self-declared to ensure health and safety of team members.

We provide a fair and competitive wage structure per third-party review; detailed, transparent onboarding and training processes; jointly developed growth plans; and advanced education for career-focused team members.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We have partnered to bring innovation to market for over 100 years, including many “market-firsts.”

We are committed to innovation through investments and talent acquisition, including a dedicated development team with industry-recognized technical innovation in printed circuitry as well as thought leadership internationally. This includes ongoing development of connected medication adherence solutions to support global aspirations to keep people healthy and at home longer.

Responsible Consumption and Production

We invest in modern production capabilities that reduce waste and energy consumption with closed-loop recycling.

We have installed energy-efficient lighting in our facilities and partner with organizations such as London Hydro to develop sustainable energy management programs.

Our design engineering team also maintains rigorous global packaging scorecard standards to optimize packaging structure and minimize waste.

Climate Change

We reduced electricity usage at our Page Street site by 200 MWh, or 4.4% over 2021 through an energy reduction initiative. This equates to a 2% reduction in the site’s CO2 emissions.

Life on Land

We were the first Canadian folding carton converter to certify to ISO 14001 in 2004 and since then, we have partnered with raw material suppliers who are committed to the environment.

Our Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Forest Stewardship Council™ certifications mean we source paperboard from responsible and renewable resources, promoting the health of our world's forests. We also focus on increasing recyclable plastics across our offering.

Partnership for Goals

We have ongoing collaboration programs with government agencies, health academic institutions, advocacy groups, technology sectors, supply chain partners, international industry colleagues, hospitals and healthcare clients to design, test, validate and commercialize solutions to make a positive impact on health.

Product Highlights

We offer a range of sustainable packaging products and services to our customers and in partnership with our suppliers.

ReMagine is a trademark of Clearwater Paper. RafCycle is a trademark of UPM Raflatac. CleanFlake is a trademark of Avery Dennison.

Folding Cartons

We ensure forest fibre for paperboard materials is obtained from sustainable and responsible sources.

We also work closely with our customers to design and produce sustainable packaging components that minimize waste and maximize production efficiency.

Vials & Bottles

All of our pharmacy vials are made of 100% fully recyclable polypropylene. We also offer pharmacy bottles manufactured from 100% post-consumer, food-grade recycled PET resin.

Adherence Packaging

In addition to sourcing fibre for paperboard sustainably, we are transitioning our adherence packaging products to good natured® Bio-PET, a food-safe, curbside recyclable bioplastic.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

We offer sustainable label stock solutions that can provide significant efficiency gains and cost savings.

ReMagine™ Paperboard

We offer ReMagine™ CIS premium paperboard for folding cartons, that includes up to 30% post-consumer recycled fibre.

RafCycle™ Label Recycling

Our customers have access to a sustainable label liner waste program free of charge.

CleanFlake™ Label System

CleanFlake™ adhesive and paper facestock can be 100% recycled into food-grade bottles and containers – no need for consumers to remove labels from packaging before recycling.


Electricity Usage

3.9% decrease from 2014 to 2019

Water Usage

24.3% decrease from 2014 to 2019

78% of paperboard product waste in manufacturing diverted from landfills

  • 0% increase in natural gas usage from 2014 to 2019, despite increased production volumes
  • Our volatile organic compound emissions value falls within the Ministry of Environment’s acceptable standard of ±10% variance – our emissions have remained consistent year-to-year
  • Partnership with London Hydro and Goldfin Energy Consultants to develop a Sustainable Energy Management (SEM) program, exploring continuous improvement for energy and resource management in our facilities

Environmental Certifications

EcoVadis Silver-Medal Ranking

We received a silver-medal ranking from EcoVadis in 2021, putting us in the top 20% best companies rated in the areas of environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement in 2021. The EcoVadis platform has rated over 75,000 companies worldwide in 160 countries.

Forest Stewardship Council™

We are certified to print FSC® logos for sustainable forest management on our paperboard products for our customers. This logo helps consumers choose sustainably and responsibly sourced products.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

We are certified to print SFI logos for sustainable forest management on our paperboard products for our customers. This logo helps consumers choose sustainably and responsibly sourced products.

ISO 14001

While the first Canadian carton converter to certify to ISO 14001, we now exercise the “self-declaration” option outlined by the environmental management system. Designed to manage an organization's impact on the external environment, all elements of ISO 14001 are built into our standard operating procedures.

Carbon Disclosure Project

Jones Healthcare Group participates in the Climate Change and Water Security focus areas within CDP's global environmental disclosure system.

Health & Safety


At Jones, the health and safety of our team members is our priority.

*Industry benchmark data below is based on 2018 Workplace Safety and Insurance Board rate group averages.
  • 0.53

    Average Lost-Time Frequency in London, Canada operations from 2015 to 2020 compared to the industry average of 0.66*

  • 2.41

    Average Medical Aid Frequency in London, Canada operations from 2015 to 2020 for our manufacturing operations compared to the industry average of 3.51*

  • 0.60

    Average Lost-Time Frequency in our Brampton, Canada operations from 2015 to 2020, compared to 0.66*

  • 0.91

    Average Medical Aid Frequency in our Brampton, Canada operations from 2015 to 2020, compared to 3.51*


OHSAS 18001

Designed to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for employees and customers, we exercise the “self-declaration” option for this system. All elements of OHSAS 18001 are built into our standard operating procedures.

Ergonomics Program

We have an in-house ergonomics specialist who works one-on-one with team members to build customized work stations both at home and in the office to reduce strain and repetitive injury. We have also completed full ergonomic assessments and action plans for nine manufacturing job descriptions and counting

Woman-Owned Business

Women-owned businesses are growing at twice the national average and in turn contribute over a trillion dollars to the economy.

We are proud to be a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise through WEConnect International.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Jones is highly involved in activities that promote social responsibility and giving back.
  • Healthcare, children and education are the strategic pillars that guide our generous corporate giving plan, focused on on-going participation in annual giving programs across our communities and local capital campaigns such as for St. Joseph’s Health Care, United Way, Fanshawe College, Huron University, Innovation Works, London Health Sciences Centre, the Children’s Hospital, Thames Valley Children’s Centre.
  • We encourage members of our leadership team to give their time to participate in the Boards and Committees of organizations that are important and meaningful to them.
  • Our program includes staff-driven fundraising activities, such as annual participation in the Heart & Stroke Foundation Big Bike event, and multiple food, clothing and gift drives for local charities throughout the year