COVID-19 Test Kits

When it comes to launching COVID-19 test kits, speed to market is more important than ever. Manufacturers look to Jones for our unique ability to manage the regulated packaging process from concept to consumer with speed and flexibility, so you can focus on product development.

We have built over a century of expertise in healthcare packaging. Whether it’s full design and production capabilities for cartons and labels, or assembly and kitting services in a regulated facility, we approach every project as an opportunity to provide customer-specific packaging solutions. Our integrated capabilities simplify the process, while putting quality, compliance and consumer safety first.

Our Offering

Cartons & Labels

  • Graphic design & artwork
  • Packaging ideation
  • Structural development
  • Complex carton inserts

Packaging Services

  • Assembly, kitting & labelling for product launches
  • Health Canada and FDA-registered facility
  • 18 clean rooms

Intelligent COVID-19 Test Kits

From a rise in counterfeiting to managing recalls and communicating complicated usage instructions, test kit manufacturers are starting to experience challenges. Our offering includes kits equipped with NTAG® NFC technology – with one tap of an NFC-enabled smartphone, anyone can:

  • Verify a kit is authentic, unopened, and has been manufactured and packaged under compliant conditions
  • Check recall status to ensure a kit is still verified and effective
  • View clear usage instructions in multiple languages, with rich media options such as images, audio and video tutorials
  • Store important adherence information in a secure, cloud-based portal for tracking and analysis
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