Joining us in 2018, Lisa Li quickly made waves at Jones Healthcare by helping create one of our most critical tools for our pharmacy customers, our e-commerce web portal also known as our Pharmacy Store.

The Pharmacy Store prioritizes accessibility by helping our customers easily place orders, 24/7. Not only did Lisa help create this website, but she’s also our point person for updates, optimization, and ensuring our customers have a seamless user experience.

Over the past four years in her role, Lisa has accomplished many feats to help the business grow. She brings much to the team from her range of digital and analytical capabilities and expertise to her sunny disposition and collaborative nature. We’re fortunate to have Lisa supporting our market growth team.

We took some time to chat with Lisa about her time at Jones, so keep reading!

Meet Lisa Li!

Q: Tell us about yourself.

I’ve passionately worked in everything digital at Jones for over four years. Core tasks I’ve enjoyed and continue to enjoy include creating our e-commerce website and ensuring smooth integration with our internal systems, improving user experience by optimizing web design, setting up our online product catalogue, communicating with customers via various digital channels, launching email marketing automations, and analyzing data to provide business insights.

I’m an outgoing person and I enjoy interacting with people with diverse backgrounds and personalities. I come from a multi-cultural background, having worked in Japan, China and now Canada – and speak Japanese, Mandarin and English fluently. Outside of work, I have many hobbies with travel on top of the list. I like visiting different cities and spending an entire day in a museum or an art gallery, or summertime camping in one of the many amazing national and provincial parks!

Q: Why is working at Jones meaningful to you?

I like working at Jones because it’s a company where history blends with innovation and tradition embraces change.

It feels especially meaningful to contribute to this great cause with new and unique digital solutions. Whether launching an online e-commerce platform to simplify ordering for pharmacists, or discovering business intelligence through modern data analytical tools, it’s meaningful work.

Q: What is your favourite part of your job?

I love the hybrid and collaborative nature of my job. Even within one day I can find myself working on completely different projects, interacting with people of entirely different skillsets.

I might work with a team of IT professionals to talk about requirements for a new enhancement project in the morning, and then brainstorm ideas on how to reach out to our customers most effectively with another group of people that possess the most creative minds. I might immerse myself in data cleansing and processing for an hour, and then launch Photoshop to adjust a product photo in the next.

I’m most captivated by the diversity of my scope of work.

Q: What are you most proud of? 

I’m proud to be part of a team that constantly delivers and goes beyond expectation. When I joined the company, we needed to build an online ordering portal from scratch. Not only did we launch it ahead of schedule, but we also completed a full user adoption within a short amount of time.

Jump to the future, and the portal is now an essential tool for both customers and internal staff, as well as a central hub for communication and data gathering. As a core member of this initiative, I’m very proud of our success.

Since then, I’ve taken on multiple other roles that are equally innovative and on track to deliver beyond expectations again.

Q: In your opinion, what creates a positive workplace environment? How do you contribute to that?

A positive workplace environment ensures everyone’s voice is heard. I enjoy working in an open environment where I always feel comfortable sharing my ideas and feedback, and I try my best to support this environment.

Personally, I’m motivated by opportunities for personal development and learning new things. I think a positive workplace is one that continues to create opportunities for growth and encourages everyone to aim higher. I love learning and sharing ideas with colleagues!

Lisa Li working on the Pharmacy store.

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