Innovative Multi-Dose Adherence Packs Streamline Sealing Process with Eco-Friendly Bio-PET Material

Jones Healthcare Group is proud to introduce the FlexRx™ Gen 2, a revolutionary advancement in medication adherence packaging. The updated product evolves the features of its predecessor, FlexRx Light – an already proven system that has enabled pharmacy efficiency improvements by streamlining blister packaging deployment and elevating the overall patient experience. On the other hand, FlexRx™ Reseal makes its debut as a new offering complementary to FlexRx Gen 2, but providing pharmacists with enhanced flexibility to make medication adjustments to any of the 28 high-capacity blisters.

The new FlexRx Gen 2 and FlexRx Reseal offer key design features, including raised alignment posts combined with a smart adhesive strip for label placement precision, as well as cavity perforations that allow easy access to medication. These blister packs by Jones Healthcare Group are now available to pharmacies and central fill facilities seeking a fast-sealing, environmentally conscious blister pack compatible with existing automated filling technology.

Trevor Noye, Senior Vice President – Medication Adherence, emphasizes the critical need for rapid sealing to match the efficiency of automated medication filling. “Sealing adherence packs must be as swift as the automated filling process to prevent operational bottlenecks in pharmacies and centralized fulfillment centres. Through collaboration with our clients and automation partners, we have identified ways to reduce time and streamline the sealing process, ensuring it is both effortless and consistent. The FlexRx Gen 2 and FlexRx Reseal boast a sealing time that is half that of other solutions.”

“FlexRx Gen 2 and FlexRx Reseal boast a sealing time that is half that of other adherence solutions.”

Tailored for retail, specialty, and long-term care pharmacies utilizing centralized fulfillment or in-house automation, these new multi-dose adherence products are equally suitable for pharmacies manually preparing prescriptions, maintaining consistent speed and quality of sealing regardless of the filling method.

Image featuring new medication adherence products: FlexRx Gen 2 and FlexRx Reseal

As part of Jones Healthcare’s new range of sustainable adherence packaging, the FlexRx Gen 2 and FlexRx Reseal blisters are manufactured from Bio-PET, a bioplastic made from renewable resources. This material is free of any concerning chemicals and is easily recyclable in most North American households.

Pharmacies adopting the FlexRx Gen 2 and FlexRx Reseal can benefit from various additional advantages:

  • Reduced material usage – The FlexRx Gen 2 and FlexRx Reseal eliminate the need for additional labels, allowing patient information to be directly printed on the package.
  • Enhanced patient accessibility – Medication cavities feature perforated backings, facilitating easier access for patients compared to non-perforated alternatives.
  • Customization – Pharmacies can prominently display brand messaging on the package, fostering recognition and awareness among their patient base.

For further details on the FlexRx Gen 2 and FlexRx Reseal, contact us or visit to place your order today.