Andrew Wong, Manager, Innovation Solutions Group at Jones takes the spotlight for Graphic Arts Magazine’s latest cover feature, “A closer look at regulated cannabis packaging and labelling in Canada’s legal market.” In this in-depth article, Andrew reviews the regulations, challenges and opportunities involved in packaging for the ever-evolving Canadian cannabis market – and what we can predict for the future based on trends.

Regulations for packaging cannabis have not only evolved rapidly, but they are also complex – from marketing limitations to selecting the right physical containers and including the right information on outer packaging. Professionals from across the packaging and cannabis industries will find in this article a valuable discussion with our in-house industry expert on how to navigate today’s regulations in Canada, overcome the challenges to compliance and maximize packaging value.

You can read the full article on the Graphic Arts website. If you would like to learn more about how Jones can help identify and develop innovative folding cartons, labels and packaging services that bring value to complex and regulated industries, from cannabis to healthcare and pharmaceuticals, contact us today.