Jones Healthcare Group's new medication adherence website aims to improve patient health outcomes through easy access to resources for medication management.

The new medication adherence website provides easy access to information for patients, caregivers, and pharmacy professionals.

“One single behaviour can have a profound impact on health and well-being, and that’s medication adherence,” notes Trevor Noye, Senior Vice President – Medication Adherence. “Improving adherence can save healthcare systems $500 billion a year and greatly improve patient health outcomes.”

Managing multiple medications day-to-day is no easy feat. Fortunately, medication adherence packaging can drastically improve patient care with various customizable applications.

Recent adherence studies highlight the need for more awareness around medication adherence and related products among key stakeholders. Understanding the importance and necessity of medication adherence, we designed the new website as a one-stop-shop resource centre sharing the tools and knowledge to help patient care teams succeed.

Our resources offer guidance for:

  • Patients & Caregivers – Understand the ins and outs of medication adherence packaging/blister packs as stress-free medication management solutions
  • Pharmacy Teams – Discover how blister packs can simplify and improve prescription filling through automation technologies and manual filling resources
  • Everyone – Explore medication adherence packaging options from blister packs to connected technologies to find the right solution for your needs, with global availability.
  • Everyone – Explore our adherence studies collection to understand the power of adherence packaging in helping patients manage their medications and improve their health.

Visit today and uncover proven packaging solutions designed for pharmacy teams to enhance patient care and to remove the stress of medication management for patients and caregivers.