Organization Highlights Innovative Practices and Strong Commitments with Launch of Its Latest Sustainability Report

Jones Healthcare Group, a market leader in advanced packaging and medication dispensing solutions, has released its 2023 Sustainability Report, emphasizing substantial progress in environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and innovative business practices.

With areas of focus based on the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN, the company’s remarkable progress in its sustainability objectives, such as a 99.9% diversion rate for non-hazardous waste, has been achieved through meticulous waste management and strategic partnerships fostering a circular economy.

Representation of sustainability icons against a lush green backdrop.

Jones Healthcare Group emphasizes on their progress in innovative sustainability and business practices.

“We continue to integrate sustainable practices into our core business processes, centering our efforts on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,” notes Chris Jones Harris, Principal, Corporate Development. “We’re taking crucial steps to meet our stakeholders’ needs and advance towards concrete goals emphasizing on sustainability issues and their development.”

The 2023 report outlines how Jones Healthcare Group has recognized, evaluated, and progressed in the areas of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, business modeling, and innovation across its various business units. Some significant achievements and goals include:

  • Waste management practices – 100% of electricity used at our Medi-Clear facility in UK comes from zero carbon sources since 2020, thanks to on-site solar generation.
  • Energy – Implementing an ISO 50001 compliant energy management system, which is expected to reduce energy usage in 2024, driven by upgrades such as LED lighting and the installation of a more energy efficient printing press.
  • Diversity and inclusion – Recognition for fostering inclusion through inclusive hiring practices, innovation, learning, and leadership by WILL Employment.
  • Supply chain – Implementing training programs for all procurement staff and managing directors to detect and prevent forced labor risks within the supply chain, adhering to regulations such as Bill S211, and emphasizing the company’s dedication to ethical standards.
  • Product lifecycle – Transitioning to sustainable packaging materials such as BioPET and RPET and incorporating more recycled content in paperboard components.
  • Health and wellness Investing in and supporting health and wellness initiatives, including the Pharmacy Workforce Wellness Initiative for healthcare professionals, and the Mind Your Meds platform, which aims to raise awareness around medication adherence to improve health outcomes.

“We embrace our responsibility to address sustainability challenges through innovation and circular design principles,” notes Andrew Wong, Senior Manager, Corporate Sustainability. “We’re expanding our resources to work toward sustainable packaging solutions and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Fostering these positive changes means that we’re equally focused on taking steps forward in building an organization where all our stakeholders thrive.”

By reviewing, measuring, and reporting our progress year after year, we aim to advance sustainable practices in every aspect of our business, setting unique and more ambitious initiatives in the future.