March is Pharmacist Awareness Month (PAM) in Canada and Jones Healthcare Group is proud to join the Canadian Pharmacist Association (CPhA) in supporting the more than 41,000 registered pharmacists in the country and the valuable impact they have on the healthcare system.

The role pharmacists play in the continuum of care continues to grow – in addition to monitoring and dispensing medications, pharmacists also assist with:

  • Medication management
  • Assessing minor ailments
  • Administering vaccines
  • Helping manage chronic diseases
  • Offering healthy lifestyle programs

Not only does PAM celebrate the great strides the profession has made, but campaigns held throughout the month also help inform Canadians about the growing role of pharmacists and the services they now offer with a theme of “Rethink Pharmacists.”

When it comes to medication management, Jones began working with pharmacy partners over a century ago when we provided apothecary packaging to help dispense medications safely to patients.

Today, we continue to partner with pharmacists to develop a range of medication dispensing products that improve patient wellness including adherence packaging. This packaging is available in a range of formats to meet pharmacy and patient needs and is specially designed to help patients take the right medications at the right time – like a calendar that organizes all doses for easy access.

Please join us in extending thanks and recognition to pharmacists this month for their important role in enhancing patient safety and well-being! For more information on Pharmacist Awareness Month and the many ways pharmacists can support patient wellness, please visit

For more information on our full range of adherence packaging and customizable pharmacy products including prescription labels, vials, bags and other pharmacy supplies, please visit our Pharmacy Store.