For Immediate Release – September 30, 2021

London, ON —Jones Healthcare Group (“Jones”), a market leader in advanced packaging and medication dispensing solutions, and good natured Products Inc. ( “good natured®”) (TSX-V: GDNP), a North American leader in earth-friendly plant-based products, are pleased to announce a new partnership focused on expanding sustainable packaging solutions. Jones’ medication adherence packaging products will now be made with good natured® Bio-PET, a food-safe, curbside recyclable bioplastic. This new plant-based solution allows Jones to optimize its package design, removes chemicals of concern and ensures its packaging is readily recyclable in most households across North America. This new custom-designed blister material for adherence packaging will be available through independent and national pharmacy chains throughout Canada.

With the price of petroleum-based plastics rising rapidly, the decision to make the switch to plant-based packaging is even easier for Jones, which focuses on circular design for its products and services.

Now, more than ever, consumers are concerned about waste, plastic pollution, and depletion of natural resources. They seek brands that use packaging that’s minimal yet protective, recyclable, reusable and made from renewable and/or recycled materials. The 2021 Global Buying Green Report found that 67% of consumers want products they purchase to be sustainably packaged in recyclable materials. The study also found that over half (54%) of respondents consider the packaging when choosing products, and that younger consumers (ages 44 and under) are leading the charge in the demand for more sustainable options.

“Together with good natured®, we are transforming medication adherence packaging into a more sustainable offering with Bio-PET,” says Trevor Noye, Senior VP of Medication Adherence. “Jones embraces our responsibility for impact on the environment, communities and consumers – and we’re committed to continuous improvement in sustainable packaging and development, while creating value for all of our stakeholders.”

good natured® CEO, Paul Antoniadis adds, “We offer choices for our customers when they choose plant-based packaging, depending on whether a compostable or recyclable design best suits the lifecycle of their products. We’re focused on helping many industries embrace sustainable, plant-based packaging innovations that meet their business and sustainability objectives. We do this by reimagining materials, design, supply chain and availability of plant-based packaging that safeguards personal health and the health of our environment.”

good natured® and Jones Healthcare Group™ are Transforming Canada's Pharmaceutical Industry with Innovative Plant-based Packaging