We’re proud to announce our membership to the Global Self-Care Federation (GSCF)’s Charter for Environmentally Sustainable Self-Care, as nominated by Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada.

As the first industry-wide climate action resolution from the consumer health sector, the Charter promotes best practices and advises on regulatory standards, with an aim to minimize environmental impacts without compromising health outcomes, product safety and access to consumers.

“As a member of the GSCF Charter, we commit to advancing the circular economy, promoting safe medicine disposal, and mitigating carbon emissions,” explains Chris Jones Harris, Principal, Corporate Development. “These focus areas closely align with our ongoing commitments to sustainable development, both through environmental responsibility and promoting self-care principles in partnership with our clients. We are honoured to join this global effort to continuously improve and make a positive impact.”

To further our sustainability efforts, Jones Healthcare pledges to contribute to the Charter’s three priority areas as follows:

  1. Plastics and packaging:

    We encourage our clients to use packaging configurations that are recyclable, recycle-ready, and made from recycled, sustainable or sustainably sourced materials. This includes leveraging a licensed product lifecycle analysis tool that measures the environmental footprint of packaging throughout its useful life, which in turn allows us to understand packaging at the material level, prioritize areas of concern and structure the best solutions for client brands. We also work with our suppliers on the development, evaluation and approval of sustainable solutions that meet the needs of our healthcare clients.

  2. Pharmaceuticals in the environment:

    As a Founding Collaborator of the Sustainable Medicines Partnership (SMP), we work with organizations around the world to develop solutions to reduce medicine and medicine-related waste, and we work with our clients to promote the safe disposal of unused or unwanted pharmaceutical products. Our medication adherence packaging portfolio, which includes intelligent and connected adherence solutions that provide patients and caregivers reminders in real time, reduces medicine waste and supports better health by helping patients take their medications as prescribed.

  3. CO2 footprint:

    We established our first greenhouse gas reduction target, aligned with the Science Based Target Initiative’s 2oC scenario. By 2030, we commit to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 25%.

By joining the Global Self-Care Federation’s Charter for Environmentally Sustainable Self-Care, we solidify our dedication to sustainability and contribute to the collective effort to create a healthier and more environmentally conscious world.

For more information about our sustainability initiatives, our commitments, and the progress we have made, please visit our sustainability page.