Pioneering Adherence Packaging Solutions in Europe

We’re thrilled to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our Venalink Spain team!

As a respected leader in monitored dosage systems (MDS), Venalink became part of Jones Healthcare Group in 2005. The company was first established in the United Kingdom and then expanded its operations to Spain in 1998.

Venalink grew exponentially over the years, quickly becoming a trusted partner in the UK and across Europe. While MDS medication adherence packaging was largely unheard of and unregulated in Spain in the early days, the leadership, dedication and hard work of Spain’s Managing Director María Ángeles Pérez Caro was key to growth and success. As a pharmacist with an intimate knowledge of the sector and a trusted professional with strong business acumen, she built awareness of MDS from the ground up with institutions and pharmacy colleges at the regulatory level.

“I learned from incredible, well-respected people in our industry who played integral roles in getting us to where we are now,” explained María Ángeles. “We also learned much from our first customers – their guidance and advice about where to drive the business made a big difference.”

In 2007, Venalink Spain’s relocation from Sevilla to Barcelona marked a noteworthy milestone, igniting a collaborative partnership with The Barcelona Pharmacy College, a leading institution in the industry, which helped advance MDS adoption in pharmacies.

Today, Venalink Spain continues to develop leading MDS solutions, partnering with eight pharmaceutical companies and over 6,500 pharmacy customers in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Costa Rica, and Peru.

María Ángeles adds, “Together at Jones Healthcare Group, our forward-thinking values allow us to approach business challenges from diverse angles, with a shared vision and focus on the future of healthcare packaging.”

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate our Spain team on its 25th year making a difference in medication adherence. The team truly puts patients at the heart of what they do and we look forward to continuing our work together to improve health outcomes for the next 25 years and more!

Venalink Team collage

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