2022-23 WILL Award highlights dedication to diversity, inclusion, and support for new Canadian job seekers

We are proud to share WILL Employment Solutions presented Jones Healthcare Group with the 2022-23 WILL Award at the organization’s Annual General Meeting in London, Ontario on June 15. This recognition from WILL, a renowned leader in employment services for new Canadians, recognizes an individual, group or company that demonstrates a significant contribution to newcomer job seekers and inclusion through welcoming, innovation, learning and leadership. The award is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and championing the vital role of newcomers in our communities.

“Jones Healthcare Group was selected from a strong pool of candidates due to their exceptional commitment to fostering inclusivity and championing the vital role of newcomers in our communities,” explains Shobhita Sharma, Board Member, Chair of the WILL Award Committee. “Their active consideration, training, and retention of newcomer talent, along with their inclusive, collaborative, empathetic, and respectful work environment, truly set them apart.”

Jones Healthcare accepts WILL Award for diversity and inclusion

The Jones Healthcare team proudly accepts the 2022-23 WILL Award at WILL’s AGM event on June 15. From left to right: Kristina from our HR team, one of our operations supervisors, Chris, as well as Deborah and Daniela from our HR team.

Since 2018, our partnership with WILL has helped us connect with new Canadians, an important talent source within our communities. We have hired several colleagues through this collaboration so far, while gaining valuable insights into the challenges faced by newcomer job seekers through participation in WILL job fairs and workshops. We remain committed to continuous improvement, working with our leaders to create and foster a supportive work environment where each and every team member can thrive.

“We’re focused on building an inclusive environment where new Canadians have the relationships, tools, and resources to flourish – we want newcomers to think of Jones Healthcare as the place to be,” notes Deborah Ward, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, “I’m very proud of our team’s important work partnering with WILL and our community on this journey and we are honoured to be recognized.”

Newcomer colleagues hired through WILL Employment Solutions

Jones Healthcare is proud to partner with WILL Employment Solutions to recruit newcomers. Top (from left to right): Tawonga, Tetiana, Jenny, Pavlo and Diego, all team members hired through WILL, as well as one of our operations supervisors, Chris. Bottom (from left to right): Sandra from WILL, Daniela from our HR team, and Lesia, another team member hired through WILL.

Looking ahead, we will continue working with WILL to connect with newcomers, conduct comprehensive reviews of our recruitment and onboarding practices, and ensure an even better experience for new hires.

For those interested in exploring employment opportunities and becoming part of our team, we invite you to learn more by visiting our careers page.