Jones was proud to be named Best of Show for packaging innovation at the 2019 PAC Canadian Leadership Awards Gala in Toronto on June 4. We also took home a gold and silver award for excellence in packaging.

PAC – Packaging Consortium, which has been the voice of the Canadian packaging industry since 1950 and now serves all of North America, hosts its prestigious leadership awards every two years to recognize outstanding products in several packaging-related categories.

This year, Jones won three awards:

  • Best of Show in the Packaging Innovation category for our Thinfilm NFC SpeedTap™-enabled connected folding cartons for YUNI Beauty LLC
  • Gold in the Paper category for the same YUNI family of cosmetic packaging
  • Silver in the Paper category for our KitKat Senses Collection carton for Nestlé Canada Inc

PAC award winners were chosen following a thorough panel review process of over 100 submissions. The judges for the competition – all dedicated industry experts – are drawn from over 2,300 PAC members representing the most recognized names in the packaging industry.

“Jones is the most innovative converter in North America,” Jim Downham, President and CEO of PAC Packaging Consortium.

The PAC competition gives Jones an opportunity to showcase our unique innovation, pre-press and printing capabilities – and through close collaboration, dedication and service to our customers, we continue to produce award-winning products recognized nationwide.

To see our award-winning products, please visit our Awards page.