Source: Graphic Arts Magazine

Jones Healthcare Group (London, Ontario), a world-leading provider of advanced packaging and medication dispensing solutions for over a century, has released new technology aimed at health and wellness brands looking to better engage consumers, while also collecting real-time, supply-chain and user data. The new tool, CapX Near Field Communications (NFC) Connected Packaging, can elevate omni-channel marketing strategy to an entirely new level. The new platform comes complete with intelligent package components and customizable cloud software to drive better digital user experiences and ultimately, improved decision-making. ”

Product packaging is now a major player in our connected world through the ‘Internet of Things,’ delivering incredible benefits to both brands and consumers,” said Nic Hunt, Chief Strategy Officer at Jones. “Through CpaX, brands have new ways to address critical safety and brand-protection issues, like counterfeiting and grey-market diversion, while also engaging consumers remotely, encouraging behaviour and sharing information in real-time – truly learning more about your customer and product lifecycle than ever before.”

Here’s how the technology works. Brands work with Jones to select their NFC tag type based on their unique needs. Jones then develops physical packaging with brand holders, and embeds NFC tags into that packaging. Jones, digital partners and brand holders together develop the digital experience enabled by the packaging. When the product reaches retail shelves, consumers tap smartphones or other NFC-enabled devices to interactive packaging, engaging with the partners’ digital experiences. Plus, those experiences can be changed in real-time. Brands can access a cloud portal to then track and measure products and consumer experiences at the individual item level.

“CpaX NFC Packaging has important implications for healthcare in particular,” added Chris Jones Harris, Principal, Corporate Development, at Jones. “Consumers are turning to self-care more than ever and this connectivity allows brands to share real-time information about health products and pharmaceuticals, including at-home health testing kits – whether it’s video tutorials and usage instructions, medication indications, test results, or recall information. There’s a lot of power in healthcare packaging today.”

While CpaX NFC packaging can connect to any digital experience a brand chooses, Jones also offers an “out-of-the-box” digital solution for brands in partnership with TPG Rewards. The experience includes product authentication, a digital sales associate to educate consumers about a product, and a cloud-based platform for displaying engagement metrics such as location, time and item identification. Brands can also choose to add loyalty programs, rewards, couponing and game capabilities. Jones also partners with a range of additional digital providers who can help brands create differentiated experiences. For more information, please visit the Jones Healthcare Group website.

Source: Graphic Arts Magazine