Jones Healthcare Group takes the spotlight in the February issue of Graphic Arts Magazine with a lead story on packaging technology, and the consumer engagement and information sharing opportunities now available for brands.

In “Connected Packaging Advances: What’s on the Horizon for 2020,” Andrew Wong, Manager, Innovation Solutions Group at Jones reviews how packaging is no longer static – it’s a two-way connected platform that builds real-time, digital bridges to improve consumer experiences, manage product integrity, and enable lifecycle and sustainability management as part of the evolving Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

Whether helping consumers make informed decisions about their health, or ensuring the right products reach the market safely, the applications for connected packaging are endless – and the potential for these technologies continues to evolve.

For more details, you can read the full article in Graphic Arts here, which is also published in this month’s print edition.

Jones remains at the forefront of the digital packaging evolution. By integrating both Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology and transmitting printed electronics into packaging, our CpaX™ offering not only helps brands empower consumers and improve satisfaction, but also offers new opportunities to improve health outcomes by helping patients take the right medications at the right time.

For more information on how to take packaging to the next level with connected technologies, please reach out to us any time.