We know blister pack medication adherence packaging makes it easier for people to manage prescriptions – the research shows it. But what else can blister packs offer when it comes to medication and patient safety? Let’s explore the important features of these tools in more detail.

Right dose at the right time, with visual cues

The most obvious safety feature of blister packs focuses on dosing. They make it less likely for a patient to double dose, miss a dose, or take the wrong dose. Each labelled compartment in a blister pack contains only those medications prescribed for a specific time of the day and/or day of the week. It’s that easy – and patients and caregivers do not have to question or double check what medications are supposed to be taken when.

Original pharmaceutical packaging or other repackaged formats like prescription vials are not labelled in the same way as blister packs. This means a patient cannot easily tell whether they have taken the right dose at the right time by looking at the original packaging or vial.

With the level of tamper-evidence provided by these packs, it’s clear to patients and caregivers alike whether a compartment has been opened at the wrong time or day.

Prepared by pharmacies for accuracy

Importantly, blister packs are filled in a pharmacy and checked by a licensed pharmacist to ensure a patient receives the correct medications, in the correct dosages, in the correct calendar compartments. With “off-the-shelf” packaging like dosette boxes, it’s up to a patient or caregiver to repackage prescriptions per dosing schedules. This leaves room for error and misunderstanding of a healthcare provider’s directions. After all, patients forget up to 80% of the medical information provided by healthcare practitioners.

Blister pack portability = medication adherence + emergency readiness

Blister packs are made to be taken with a patient on the go. For a patient on a complex medication regimen, collecting multiple original pharmaceutical packages or vials for travel, and remembering which ones to take when, is a daunting task. There is also the risk of losing or misplacing one of the original packages.

We also know it’s critical for healthcare providers to understand what medications a patient is taking at all times to ensure safe treatment and avoid drug interactions. Health records and prescription information are not always readily available, especially in emergencies. If a patient requires an emergency hospital visit, a blister pack clearly shows emergency responders, doctors and nurses all of the patient’s current medications in one clearly labelled package.

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