Plain Language Labelling

Packaging for Health Canada’s Plain Language Labelling Regulations

Jones understands regulated markets with over a century serving the healthcare industry — not only do we have rigorous protocols in place, but we have established relationships with key advocacy groups and regulatory bodies including Consumer Health Products Canada (CHP Canada) and Health Canada.

This is why we offer best-in-class packaging solutions to help brands and manufacturers adhere to Health Canada’s Plain Language Labelling (PLL) regulations. From complex multi-panel cartons to multi-ply and extended content labels, our customers take advantage of our full-service PLL PackReady™ platform to launch high-quality, compliant products to market quickly while minimizing supply chain impacts.

The result: proven plain packaging that accommodates more product information, performs on filling lines and maintains a strong retail shelf presence for consumers.

Our PLL PackReady™ Solution

Every customer is unique. This is why we launch your products to market quickly through our proven PLL PackReady™ platform, ensuring packaging meets a range of strict performance criteria throughout the supply chain. 

Multiple Options

Multiple Options:

  • Nearly 160 PLL product SKUs and 50 unique multi-panel carton designs successfully launched to market for global pharmaceutical brands
  • Multi-ply and extended content label (ECL) solutions
  • Plain packaging structures maintain the same retail shelf footprint with up to 55% added surface area for more copy and minimized impact to retail planograms
  • Services include full carton and label production through our Cartons & Labels business unit, as well as label application and cartoning through our Packaging Services business unit where required

Superior Materials

Unlike solutions using fugitive glue for carton panels, our proven adhesive and coating combinations are:

  • Tested for “resealability” – when panels are opened, they will reseal and remain sealed as per client-defined critical-to-quality parameters
  • Tested for zero fibre tear – when panels are opened no elements of the carton surface will tear off with adhesive, keeping copy intact

Seamless Packaging Line Integration

  • Multi-panel cartons are proven to stay sealed on packaging filling lines over 90% of the time
  • Multi-panel cartons will not reduce line speed, maintaining efficiency

About Health Canada’s Plain Language Labelling Regulations

In 2014, Health Canada introduced Plain Language Labelling (PLL) Regulations to improve the safe use of non-prescription drug products and reduce preventable harm from medication errors by making drug labels and packages easier to read and understand.

These packaging regulations mean significant impacts to packaging format, content and design for over-the-counter drugs sold in Canada — and compliant formats are required on shelves by 2021. Similar regulations for natural health product packaging are soon to follow.

As a leader in developing packaging compliant with these standards, Jones has proven solutions and unparalleled experience helping global pharmaceutical customers navigate the packaging revision process — from start to finish.

How to Quickly Transition Packaging to New Requirements

Discover how a large multi-national pharmaceutical organization transitioned 28 SKUs to comply with new Plain Language Labelling requirements from Health Canada.

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Accelerating Results for Healthcare Brands Through Advocacy, Materials Science Expertise and Integrated Packaging Capabilities

Any change to packaging design is a time-consuming, detail-oriented effort. Discover how a pharmaceutical company implemented our turnkey packaging solution in response to Health Canada’s Plain Language Labelling regulations.

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