Medication Adherence

United Kingdom, Europe & Latin America

Our commitment to improving health outcomes through medication adherence extends to our company Venalink, one of the most respected providers of monitored dosage systems. Through Jones and Venalink, we offer a complete range of adherence packaging to over 14,500 pharmacies in 15 countries around the world.

Our Venalink teams — based in the UK and Spain — include registered pharmacists who work closely with healthcare professionals, institutions and associations. We work together to not only enhance the medication management process, but also develop innovative packaging and best-practice techniques for markets in the United Kingdom, Europe and into Latin America.

United Kingdom or Northern Europe

If you’re based in Northern Europe, visit our Venalink UK website for more details.

Southern Europe or Latin America

If you’re based in Southern Europe or Latin America, visit our Venalink Spain website for more details.

Other Countries

For all other countries, please contact Jones directly.

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